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Budweiser China promotes road safety awareness with traffic police general brigade

BusinessBudweiser China promotes road safety awareness with traffic police general brigade

Budweiser China, a unit of Budweiser Brewing Co APAC Ltd, has partnered with the traffic police general brigade of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau to host a road safety publicity spring campaign. The event, held in the Museum of Art Pudong in Shanghai, aimed to promote the awareness of road safety. During the campaign, Budweiser China was awarded the title of “Road Safety Public Service Partner in Shanghai” for the eighth consecutive year. Budweiser China is committed to promoting the “Smart Drinking, No Drink-Driving” concept and encouraging the public to build road safety awareness.

China’s road traffic has seen rapid growth in recent years, but there is still room for improvement in terms of safety. Budweiser China is committed to ensuring children’s safe travel and has donated more than 8,000 road safety education toolkits, 100 road safety conduct toolkits, and 5,000 children’s reflective vests to facilitate road traffic safety education among children and teenagers across China. As a supporter of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, AB InBev, Budweiser’s parent company, has been advancing the 10-year action plan, utilizing innovative approaches such as digitalization to reinvent efforts related to road traffic safety. The group has renewed its partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research last year, kicking off new collaborations in areas including advocating responsible drinking, empowering female entrepreneurs, and improving water management.

The campaign aimed to promote the concept of “civilized manners and law-abiding behaviors,” and Budweiser China hopes that more businesses will take up social responsibility to build a safe, smooth, civilized, and harmonious road traffic environment in China.

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