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China Mobile’s Yang Jie proposes green development for data centers

BusinessChina Mobile's Yang Jie proposes green development for data centers

As China continues to digitize, data centers are becoming increasingly essential for processing, storing, and forwarding information. However, with the rising energy consumption and carbon emissions of data centers, how can digital development, energy conservation, and emissions reductions work together?

Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile and member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, has proposed establishing a more scientific carbon emission evaluation system for data centers, promoting the Power Usage Effectiveness assessment, and integrating digital and green development.

As one of the country’s top telecom operators, China Mobile has opened more than 1.28 million 5G base stations across urban and rural areas of China. The company has also reduced its energy consumption and carbon emissions intensity by more than 10% in 2022, helping society as a whole reduce its carbon emissions by 260 million tons.

Yang added that China Mobile has contributed to digitizing government functions and providing information solutions to nearly 200 cities in 27 provinces. The company has also provided services to more than 20 million small and medium-sized enterprises, with information product packages helping 5 million SMEs in their digital transformation.

China Mobile has also been involved in digital infrastructure construction projects along the Belt and Road, with data centers located in the UK, Germany, Singapore, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and other places worldwide.

At this year’s two sessions, Yang also proposed formulating a national development plan for programming education for primary and middle school students, gradually incorporating programming into major subject curricula, entrance examinations for high school and university. He believes that the information technology capabilities of the group born after 2010 will determine the overall level of social innovation, and popularizing basic programming education will help lay a solid foundation for high-quality talent in the new era.

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