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Chinese Lawmakers and Advisers Push for Development of Semiconductor Industry

BusinessChinese Lawmakers and Advisers Push for Development of Semiconductor Industry

China’s bid to become a world leader in chip manufacturing and navigate US restrictions has garnered attention from lawmakers and political advisers at this year’s two sessions. The number of senior executives and academicians involved in the semiconductor industry who are also deputies to the National People’s Congress and national political advisers has significantly increased. For example, Zhang Suxin, chairman of Huahong Group, and Chen Tianshi, chairman of Cambricon Technology, were elected for the first time. Renowned semiconductor expert Li Shushen and Fu Zhiwei, chairman of Xuzhou B&C Chemical, were also newly elected and have called for increased efforts to develop the industry, including drafting a chip law for breakthroughs.

The Chinese Government Work Report has listed the development of core technologies in key fields, including the semiconductor sector, as a key priority for the year. Xie Shanghua, a member of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, has proposed prioritizing the development of chips as part of the national security strategy, including the formulation of a chip law to ensure sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Xie’s proposal follows similar efforts in major economies worldwide, including the US, Japan, and the European Union, which are rolling out policies or laws to support their own chip industries. Industry experts have noted that achieving breakthroughs in crucial semiconductor technologies requires more than just funding, as talent and time are also essential.

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