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Martell partners with Conservation International for mangrove conservation project in China

BusinessMartell partners with Conservation International for mangrove conservation project in China

French cognac brand Martell launched the second phase of its mangrove conservation project at Hailing Island National Mangrove Wetland Park, located in Yangjiang, in South China’s Guangdong province, last week. The brand is aiming to restore a total of 3.76 hectares of mangrove wetlands. In a bid to further raise public awareness of ecological conservation, Martell invited various partners to visit the mangrove wetland park to join in mangrove planting and beach clean-ups, as well as further embrace the importance of ecological conservation.

As the project enters its second phase, Martell, which is owned by French wine and spirits group Pernod Ricard, said it will deepen cooperation with Conservation International, an international environmental organization, scientific research institutions, and other community partners, building on the knowledge and progress gained since the project began. In addition to the 1.88 hectares of wetland area already undergoing conservation efforts, the project is adding another 1.88 hectares for mangrove restoration and plans to reforest and nurture a total of 30,000 mangroves.

According to the company, the collaborative Martell project team will continue to monitor biodiversity changes and the sustainable development of the surrounding communities, as well as raise public awareness of wetland ecological conservation. “Martell’s cognacs are aged in oak barrels for many years, mirroring mangrove seedlings’ long process to become a flourishing forest,” said Jerome Cottin-Bizonne, managing director of Pernod Ricard China. “Our brand adheres to a forward-looking vision. We will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation with all partners to protect the mangrove wetland ecosystem, improve biodiversity, and benefit the community in China.”

Launched in 2021, the Martell mangrove conservation project is the brand’s first sustainability and responsibility program in China, and has been committed to expanding the mangrove wetlands and helping restore its unique natural beauty. The project has carried out productive explorations in fighting invasive plant Spartina alterniflora, more commonly known as smooth cordgrass, through scientific methods. The wetlands covered by Spartina alterniflora have been gradually restored to healthy mangroves, providing a more sustainable habitat for marine life and birds. “During phase one of the project, we worked closely with Martell and other partners to achieve remarkable results. I believe this project will be an effective practice model for scientific conservation and restoration of mangrove wetland ecosystems in Guangdong province and Southern China,” said Liu Xiaohai, executive director of Conservation International China.

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