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Infineon Targets Low Carbon and Digitalization Opportunities in China

BusinessInfineon Targets Low Carbon and Digitalization Opportunities in China

Infineon Technologies AG, the German chipmaker, is targeting the opportunities presented by low carbon and digitalization in China. According to David Poon, president of Infineon Greater China Region, these two areas are the main forces that will shape the next decade. Infineon’s China branch is committed to building a local ecosystem with global service capabilities that can increase customer value, promote the coordinated development of all parties in the industrial chain and produce a win-win result.

China is Infineon’s largest market, accounting for as much as 37% of the German company’s $15.1 billion revenue in 2022. Infineon is the world’s biggest maker of power-related semiconductors for solar and wind renewable energy infrastructure and vehicle electrification. Power semiconductors are widely used for power conversion, including household appliances, transportation, industry and other sectors.

Infineon is betting on next-generation power semiconductors, such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide, to spur growth. The company recently disclosed an $830 million deal to acquire Ottawa-based chip designer GaN Systems in a move to boost its product portfolio and “strengthen its leadership” in the power systems area. The overall market of opportunities concerning Infineon’s businesses in China reached 180.14 billion euros in 2022, which is nearly 30 billion euros more than the sum of other regions. The overall market in China will also see the biggest growth from 2022 to 2026, Infineon forecast.

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