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Changan’s Latest Yida Sedan Features Baidu’s Ernie Bot, Setting New Standards in the Chinese Auto Industry

BusinessAutomotiveChangan's Latest Yida Sedan Features Baidu's Ernie Bot, Setting New Standards in the Chinese Auto Industry

Changan, a Chinese carmaker, has unveiled its latest creation – the Yida sedan, and it’s turning heads for being the first mass-produced vehicle in China to feature Ernie Bot, Baidu’s version of ChatGPT. This development is expected to revolutionize the driving experience for customers, offering the latest AI features in a sleek and compact design. The Yida will receive software updates that will enable Baidu’s latest AI technology to offer new and advanced experiences in the age of mobility.

The Yida sedan will be available in three variants, featuring a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The vehicle boasts a maximum output of 260 Nm and an impressive fuel consumption rate of 5.99 liters per 100 km. It also features a 2,765 mm wheelbase and measures 1,840 mm in width, providing a spacious and comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers.

In addition to its powerful engine and spacious interior, the Yida is equipped with an array of smart functions that make driving more convenient and enjoyable. The sedan features advanced driving-assist features, such as voice command compatibility, gesture control, facial recognition, and onboard child safety monitoring. These features ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all passengers.

The launch of the Yida sedan represents a significant milestone in the automobile industry, as it combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design and functionality. The collaboration between Changan and Baidu has set a new standard for mass-produced vehicles in China, and it is expected to drive innovation and growth in the industry for years to come. With its advanced AI technology and smart functions, the Yida is sure to capture the attention of car buyers and enthusiasts alike, setting a new standard for the driving experience in China and beyond.

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