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Chinese AI Pioneer SenseTime Collaborates with T&B Media Global (Thailand) to Boost Translucia’s Virtual World Infrastructure

BusinessChinese AI Pioneer SenseTime Collaborates with T&B Media Global (Thailand) to Boost Translucia's Virtual World Infrastructure

T&B Media Global (Thailand) and SenseTime, the Chinese AI pioneer, have joined forces to enhance the infrastructure of Translucia, Thailand’s inaugural virtual world. The collaboration is part of the Memorandum of Understanding inked earlier between SenseTime and T&B Media Global (Thailand), which also includes strategic partnerships in fields such as smart cities, the metaverse, and augmented and mixed realities.

SenseTime’s SenseMARS Avatar platform aims to connect the physical and digital worlds in Translucia by providing the latter’s infrastructure with essential AI-generated content capabilities for avatar development. This is in line with the company’s objective of revolutionizing how people connect, work, and play in a digital space. In a statement, the company said that SenseMARS Avatar would reinforce Translucia’s cornerstone.

Xu Li, CEO and Chairman of SenseTime, stated that the anchoring of Translucia’s infrastructure with their robust AI technologies was grounded in their commitment to advancing the interconnection of physical and digital worlds, promoting sustainable productivity growth, and seamless interactive experiences. He added that they believe that the synergy with T&B Media Global (Thailand) would lead to further collaborations, and they were looking forward to working closely together to uplift the local community in various areas such as AIGC, smart city, mart business, and smart industry.

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