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The Kaola: Arcfox’s innovative electric vehicle catering to mother-infant mobility needs in China

BusinessAutomotiveThe Kaola: Arcfox's innovative electric vehicle catering to mother-infant mobility needs in China

On Sunday, the China Maternal and Child Health Association released a new standard for maternal and infant-friendly vehicles, filling a gap in current mobility standards for mothers and infants in China. The standard comprises four criteria of safety, respiratory and skin contact, convenience, and comfort, which automakers can follow to ensure compliance.

As the first automaker to respond to the new standard, BAIC Group’s premium marque Arcfox has taken a lead role in serving the mother-infant mobility market. In January, Arcfox launched the Kaola, an electric vehicle that provides comprehensive solutions for traveling with infants.

The new standard mandates that child safety seats comply with EU child seat safety standards, and the Kaola model has partnered with children’s product manufacturer Goodbaby to create one of the world’s first fully electric-controlled and electric-powered child safety seats. According to Arcfox, this seat exceeds mainstream EU standards by 60% and boasts a 156% improvement in structural strength.

Furthermore, the standard requires maternal and infant-friendly vehicles to have a device to monitor the real-time status of infants and young children in the rear seats. The Kaola model meets this requirement with a dedicated monitoring camera for the left rear child seat, enabling rear-seat projection. Parents can view their child’s status on the central control screen while driving, avoiding the need to frequently turn around and check on them.

Along with its commitment to meeting the new standards for mother-infant mobility, the carmaker has incorporated several innovative features in other areas. For instance, the second-row door will slide open automatically when an image projected on the ground is stepped on. Once the door opens, the child safety seat will rotate automatically to face the door, allowing parents to position their newborn in the seat with ease and safety.

This new standard is significant in promoting the safety and comfort of mothers and infants, addressing the unique needs of this segment of consumers. Automakers that comply with the standard can differentiate themselves and capture a share of the growing mother-infant mobility market in China.

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