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Saturday, December 2, 2023

China Calls Out Japan’s Harmful Acts Against Its Semiconductor Industry

BusinessChina Calls Out Japan's Harmful Acts Against Its Semiconductor Industry

China’s Ministry of Commerce has called out Japan’s planned export restrictions on chip manufacturing equipment, stating that it is a harmful act against China under the coercion of a certain country. Last week, Japan announced plans to restrict exports of 23 types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in alignment with the US push to curb China’s ability to make advanced chips. The Japanese government is seeking public opinions on the measures. 

According to the ministry, the relevant measures proposed by Japan will not only damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies but will also cause Japanese companies to suffer, and damage the stability of the global supply chain. China is the world’s largest semiconductor market and the largest export destination of Japanese semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The industries of the two countries have long formed a close relationship between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, according to the ministry.

“We hope that the Japanese side will listen to rational voices… and correct its wrong practices in a timely manner, so as to promote the healthy development of economic and trade relations between China and Japan, and work with all parties to maintain the stability of the global semiconductor industry and supply chain,” the Ministry of Commerce said.

The ministry also warned that if Japan insists on obstructing cooperation in the semiconductor industry between China and Japan, China will take decisive measures to resolutely safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.

The tensions between China and Japan are not new, and the two countries have a long history of territorial disputes and economic conflicts. However, Japan’s move to align with the US in curbing China’s technological advancement has added fuel to the fire. Japan’s measures are seen as part of a broader push by the US to limit China’s access to critical technologies, including semiconductors, as tensions between the two countries continue to escalate. It remains to be seen how Japan will respond to China’s call for a correction of its export restrictions on chip manufacturing equipment.

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