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Made-in-China.com Marketing Campaign Sees Surge in Overseas Orders

BusinessMade-in-China.com Marketing Campaign Sees Surge in Overseas Orders

Made-in-China.com, a platform connecting global buyers with Chinese suppliers, has launched a marketing campaign to help Chinese suppliers find quality buyers and explore new business opportunities globally. The first day of the campaign saw a surge in overseas orders, highlighting the resilience of China’s export sector. According to real-time data from the platform, orders received from participating suppliers increased by 165 percent, and enquiries from overseas buyers surged by 191 percent.

The United States, India, and Brazil were the top three countries with the largest amount of enquiries for purchasing. Crop harvesting machinery, prefabricated or mobile construction, and snack food machinery products were the most searched products by US buyers; Indian buyers were keen on mobile phones, sportswear, and smartwatches; slaughtering equipment and snack food machinery were the preference of Brazilian buyers. In the multilingual section, the most active buyers were from Spanish-speaking countries.

To better connect domestic suppliers with buyers from all over the world, Made-in-China.com has launched an all-platform, all-channel, and multi-dimensional promotion mechanism. The platform tries its best to expand network traffic through search weighting, marketing scene building, featured venue building, drainage of popular products, and promotion of social media accounts at home and abroad.

The changing global market demand has led more and more domestic enterprises to choose self-adjustment to adapt. Shenzhen Baiyin Technology Co Ltd, a foreign trade enterprise that focuses on research and development, production, and sales of mobile phones, earphones, smartwatches, and other electronic products, saw a significant increase in enquiry volume on the first day of the event. The company’s foreign trade manager said that their main products are mobile phones, mainly sold to Africa and Europe. The African market has more potential, with more diversified consumers and both high-end and low-end markets, which means a wider variety of demand for products.

Overall, the surge in overseas orders on the first day of Made-in-China.com’s marketing campaign highlights the platform’s importance in connecting global buyers with Chinese suppliers and the resilience of China’s export sector.

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