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AIBANK Transforms Banking Industry with Innovative 3D Digital Outlet

BusinessAIBANK Transforms Banking Industry with Innovative 3D Digital Outlet

AIBANK, a Beijing-based virtual bank, has launched a 3D digital banking outlet to increase user activity and acquire new customers. According to AIBANK’s strategy director Guan Zhenggang, banks in the past did not focus on being fun, with trustworthiness and professionalism being the main concerns. However, AIBANK seeks to change that by creating something different through their digital banking outlet, making it safe and interesting.

To make bank products more fun, AIBANK uses generative artificial intelligence and digital human technologies. Guan states that the next step is to combine customer needs and product features while exploring how to make good use of these technologies.

The bank’s main goal is to increase customer activity, and so far, users born after 1995 account for more than 80% of its digital banking outlet users. The average login time of users exceeded 15 minutes in the first month, and after the digital outlet launch, bank app activity increased by 20%.

Moreover, AIBANK aims to acquire new customers by allowing them to learn more about their products while visiting the outlet. By introducing video clips to explain the product’s features and show potential customers how to purchase it, AIBANK has seen a more than 20% increase in the transaction volume of the products sold at the outlet.

AIBANK has also partnered with fund companies, and Guan explains that they provide something different to attract partners. In the digital outlet, users will find it easier to understand financial products, which are typically full of jargon. AIBANK has also introduced Hongqi Auto to its digital outlet, where users can check the car’s interior and exterior and book a test drive. The bank plans to introduce more partners for more services beyond the financial realm and is in talks with some well-known game IPs.

According to Li Rudong, president of AIBANK, the development of artificial intelligence is reaching the singularity, and AI-generated content technology is profoundly affecting all industries. He believes that the future of banking is to transform from people finding products to products finding people and from providing two-dimensional information to offering three-dimensional information. AIBANK seeks to make financial apps more engaging, providing users with an immersive sense of pleasure during financial transactions.

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