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Huawei Plans to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Focus on Connectivity, Cloud Services and Storage

BusinessHuawei Plans to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Focus on Connectivity, Cloud Services and Storage

Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies Co is betting big on the global digital transformation market, which is expected to reach $3.41tn by 2026. The company will continue to invest in domains like connectivity, computing, storage and cloud services to help accelerate the transition as more industries, such as manufacturing, retail and healthcare, embrace digital technologies to upgrade their operations.

Huawei’s push for digitalisation comes as it adjusts its strategies in the face of prolonged US government restrictions, while also focusing on creating new growth opportunities for the next few years. The company aims to provide its customers with digital infrastructure that has the simplest possible architecture with the highest possible quality, delivering the best possible experience at the lowest possible costs.

Meng Wanzhou, rotating chairwoman and chief financial officer of Huawei, said at the company’s 20th annual Global Analyst Summit that the time is ripe to thrive together in this new and exciting digital future. Huawei’s goal is to help organizations go digital in four stages: digitalising operations, building digital platforms, enabling platform-based intelligence and putting intelligence to use.

The accelerated digital transformation will create abundant opportunities for companies such as Huawei. More than 4,000 5G+industrial internet projects are currently under construction in China, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as the country beefs up its industrial upgrade drive in an attempt to facilitate the marriage between digital technologies and traditional sectors.

Huawei is positioning itself to take advantage of this trend, investing in key domains and providing digital infrastructure to help businesses streamline operations and improve efficiency. As the global digital transformation market continues to grow, Huawei’s investments in this space may prove to be a sound long-term strategy.

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