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Ganqmod Port sets new record in 2023 with over 10 million tons of trade with Mongolia

BusinessGanqmod Port sets new record in 2023 with over 10 million tons of trade with Mongolia

Ganqmod Port, the largest highway port between China and Mongolia, has reported that the trade volume between the two countries has exceeded 10 million tons so far this year. The port, located in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, handled approximately 10.02 million metric tons of goods from January 1 to April 22, with a daily average of 112,600 tons.

This year, Ganqmod Port became the first highway port in the region to achieve the 10-million-ton mark in 2023, reaching the target almost four months earlier than it did in 2022. This achievement underscores the increasing trade between the two countries, which has been growing steadily in recent years.

According to the port’s administration authority, the port has implemented more measures to facilitate trade and improve clearance efficiency, contributing to its success. Ganqmod Port is a major energy import channel for China and an important hub on the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor.

This news is significant as it shows the strengthening of the economic ties between China and Mongolia. The increased trade volume is a positive indicator for businesses in both countries as it presents more opportunities for growth and expansion. With the implementation of more measures to improve clearance efficiency, it is expected that the trade volume will continue to rise in the coming months. Ganqmod Port’s success is also expected to have a positive impact on the region’s economy, creating jobs and generating revenue.

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