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China Advocates for Two-State Solution in the Israel-Palestine Crisis

ChinaChina Advocates for Two-State Solution in the Israel-Palestine Crisis

In a time when the Israel-Palestine conflict has witnessed heightened tension and escalating violence, the international community seeks effective solutions and peaceful resolutions. Leading the charge in diplomatic efforts is the Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on the Middle East Issue, Zhai Jun. Recently, he engaged in a telephone conversation with an official from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, focusing on the pressing need to push forward the two-state solution.

China’s Deep Concern and Call for Ceasefire

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s released statement shed light on China’s increasing apprehension regarding the situation. Zhai emphasized China’s profound concern over the spiraling tension between the Palestinian and Israeli sides. The global community has watched, with sorrow and anxiety, the devastating number of civilian casualties resulting from the ongoing strife.

Zhai unambiguously stated, “We reject and condemn acts against civilians and call for an immediate ceasefire.” Such a clear and emphatic stance resonates with the wider international sentiment, urging both parties to cease hostilities and protect innocent lives.

Root Causes: The Delayed Palestinian Settlement

To understand the conflict’s complexities and the repeated cycles of tension between Israel and Palestine, Zhai drew attention to the often deferred settlement of the Palestinian question. This ongoing delay is a significant reason for the recurring flare-ups in the region. The Chinese envoy pointedly stated that a lasting and genuine resolution could be realized only through the diligent implementation of the two-state solution.

It’s imperative to grasp the gravity of the issue. The two-state solution envisions an independent State of Palestine coexisting peacefully alongside the State of Israel, west of the Jordan River. The borders and other significant details, although a matter of extensive negotiations, revolve around the pre-1967 borders. It’s seen by many diplomats and international experts as a just and viable solution to one of the longest-standing geopolitical issues in the world.

Zhai’s insistence on advancing the two-state solution is not merely a recommendation but a clarion call. He stressed the need to approach this resolution with an unprecedented sense of urgency. In the world of diplomacy, where words are weighed heavily, such a passionate appeal underscores the critical nature of the situation and the necessity for swift actions.

China’s Willingness to Mediate and Provide Support

One of the core tenets of diplomacy is open channels of communication, and China has showcased its readiness to be a pivotal player in this arena. The nation, through its envoy, has expressed a genuine willingness to maintain consistent communication and coordination with Egypt – a key regional stakeholder and historically a mediator in the conflict.

Zhai’s conversation is not an isolated incident but signifies a larger diplomatic effort to foster peace in the region. He emphasized China’s proactive role in ensuring a ceasefire between the warring parties. Such immediate cessation of hostilities is a prerequisite to create a conducive environment for dialogue and negotiations.

Furthermore, the envoy elaborated on China’s commitment to galvanize the international community into a cohesive effort. The aim? To provide robust humanitarian support to the Palestinian people, particularly in the beleaguered Gaza Strip. With the situation becoming increasingly dire, international collaboration is paramount to prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.


The Israel-Palestine issue is not merely a regional conflict but has implications for global peace and diplomacy. The recent interaction between the Special Envoy of the Chinese Government, Zhai Jun, and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry official has thrown into sharp relief the urgency and importance of the two-state solution.

China’s deep concern, its unequivocal call for an immediate ceasefire, and its willingness to play a pivotal role in peace-making signify its commitment to global peace and security. With the persistent efforts of nations like China, coupled with a unified international response, there remains hope that the two-state solution could pave the way for lasting peace in one of the world’s most volatile regions.

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