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Chinese Foreign Minister Calls for Peace and Humanitarian Aid in Conversations with Palestinian and Israeli Counterparts

ChinaChinese Foreign Minister Calls for Peace and Humanitarian Aid in Conversations with Palestinian and Israeli Counterparts

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi engaged in separate phone conversations with the foreign ministers of Palestine and Israel on Monday, emphasizing the importance of peace, humanitarian aid, and the protection of civilian lives in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

During his conversation with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki, Wang Yi underscored the immediate requirements of the people in Gaza, emphasizing their need for security, food, and medicine over war, weapons, and ammunition. Wang Yi stressed the significance of peace-building efforts and urged against geopolitical calculations in the Gaza Strip.

As a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, Wang Yi highlighted China’s ongoing efforts to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Gaza through the Palestinian National Authority and UN agencies. He pledged to continue offering material assistance based on the specific needs of the Gaza people.

Expressing China’s deep sympathy for the plight of Palestine, particularly the people in Gaza, Wang Yi condemned actions that harm civilians and violate international law. He called for an immediate ceasefire to ensure the basic living conditions of the people in Gaza, urging the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities earnestly and for the international community to take urgent action.

Wang Yi urged countries outside the region, especially major nations, to adopt an objective and fair approach and play a constructive role in de-escalating the crisis.

In response, Palestinian Foreign Minister Al-Maliki expressed heartfelt thanks to China for its unwavering support, clear and strong statements, and the emergency humanitarian aid provided to Palestine. Al-Maliki underlined the robust friendship between Palestine and China, conveying Palestine’s call for an immediate ceasefire, rapid relief delivery to the Gaza Strip, and proper medical treatment for the injured.

Al-Maliki expressed hope that, with the assistance of the international community, a lasting solution to the Palestinian issue leading to the establishment of an independent nation can be achieved.

In another conversation on the same day, Wang Yi spoke with Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen about the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Wang Yi stressed the imperative need to prevent further escalation of the situation and more severe humanitarian hardships.

Foreign Minister Cohen provided insights into Israel’s position and security concerns regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Wang Yi expressed deep concern about the conflict’s ongoing escalation and the worsening situation, lamenting the high number of civilian casualties resulting from the conflict.

China’s Foreign Minister strongly condemned all acts that harm civilians and any violations of international law, reiterating the painful lesson that the recurring cycle of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict emphasizes the necessity of adhering to the concept of common security for sustainable security.

Wang Yi underscored the international community’s consensus on the two-state solution, hoping that both sides would consider the current situation and the long-term interests of peace and security shared by future generations.

He urged the resumption of peace talks and the realization of peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel, as well as harmonious coexistence between the Arab and Jewish nations. Wang Yi emphasized China’s unbiased approach to the Palestinian issue and its sincere hope for a comprehensive and equitable resolution based on the two-state solution.

He also called on the Israeli side to take effective measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens and institutions in Israel.

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