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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Chinese Foreign Ministry Rejects Five Eyes’ “China Espionage Threat” Claims

ChinaChinese Foreign Ministry Rejects Five Eyes' "China Espionage Threat" Claims

The Chinese Foreign Ministry firmly refuted the allegations made by the Five Eyes alliance regarding the “China espionage threat.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning, in a regular press briefing on Monday, labeled these accusations as groundless and filled with slander and smears against China.

“China doesn’t accept and firmly opposes it,” Mao declared during the press briefing.

China, in its commitment to protecting intellectual property rights and ensuring international security, is taking the accusations seriously. In contrast, the “Five Eyes Alliance,” the world’s largest intelligence association, is accused of habitually fabricating and disseminating false information about China, according to Mao.

Mao also emphasized that the United States, utilizing its technological advantages, unscrupulously conducts eavesdropping and spying on a global scale without distinction, even disregarding its own allies.

The United States has been increasing its global campaign to emphasize the “China threat,” focusing on intellectual property and artificial intelligence (AI) development. This campaign represents a rare collaboration with its allies under the Five Eyes to accuse China of intellectual property theft and utilizing AI for hacking and espionage against other nations.

Mao concluded by expressing hope that the relevant countries would abandon their Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice, and instead approach China with an objective and fair perspective. He called for an end to groundless smears and accusations against China.

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