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“Journey Through Civilizations”: China-Egypt Exhibition Rekindles Ancient Bonds

China"Journey Through Civilizations": China-Egypt Exhibition Rekindles Ancient Bonds

“Journey Through Civilizations”: China and Egypt’s Historic Connective Thread Rekindled in Grand Exhibition

Cairo, October 26, 2023 – Amidst the timeless echoes of two ancient civilizations, the China Cultural Center in Cairo buzzed with life and fervor on Thursday, playing host to China Media Group’s “Journey Through Civilizations” global exhibition that spotlights Egypt in its full historical grandeur.

A convergence of over 100 luminaries from various fields set the stage aglow. Diplomatic representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Egypt and stalwarts from the Egyptian cultural and media sectors joined hands in appreciating the rich tapestry of mutual heritage.

The historical intertwining of the Chinese and ancient Egyptian civilizations, which for centuries have mirrored and enriched each other, was the focal point of the inaugural address. This history, as CMG President Shen Haixiong highlighted in his virtual address, has “made indelible contributions to the march of human civilization.”

President Haixiong’s Global Vision and Commitment

The digital realms resonated with Haixiong’s aspirations for CMG. With the weight and responsibility of a media giant, CMG envisions pioneering the communication of Chinese civilization. “It is our mandate to galvanize cultural dialogues between China and Arab nations,” Haixiong voiced, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between Chinese and Arab civilizations.

With an unwavering commitment to “fostering mutual respect and closeness” amongst China and Arab nations, CMG hopes to pave the way for a collaborative and united China-Arab community in the future.

Zhang Tao, the acting head of the Chinese embassy in Egypt, then took center stage, evoking the magical allure of the ancient Silk Road. Over two millennia have passed, yet the echoes of the past reverberate today through the Belt and Road Initiative. This modern-day collaboration serves as a testament to the undying bond between the two nations. “This initiative is a modern-day ode to our ancient ties,” Tao remarked.

This exhibition isn’t just a window into past relations but a vibrant affirmation of the future. “It is a testament to the vision of an unbroken bond and deepening cultural exchange between our nations,” Tao added, the air thick with promise.

Perspectives from the Land of the Pharaohs

From the heart of Egypt, Ali Abdelhalim, the venerated general director of the Egyptian Museum, took to the podium. Abdelhalim encapsulated the majestic stature of both China and Egypt – two nations steeped in history, civilization, art, and culture. Both have been pivotal to societal evolution, leaving imprints that continue to inspire generations.

“This exhibition is not just a retrospective. It is a beacon of hope, signaling a brighter, collaborative future,” Abdelhalim said. He voiced his aspirations for the exhibit to be a crucible for mutual understanding, solidifying the grassroots foundation of amity between the nations and catalyzing cooperation across multifarious domains.

Drawing from Egypt’s rich history, Naila Farouk, the prominent head of Egyptian TV, underscored the age-old connection between the two nations. The ancient Silk Road, although a relic of the past, is a testament to the enduring relationship between China and Egypt.

As Farouk poignantly noted, Egypt proudly stands as the first Arab and African nation to entwine its diplomatic threads with the People’s Republic of China. The recent years have witnessed an upswing in practical collaborations, bringing both countries closer than ever.

In Retrospection

As the curtains fell on the inaugural ceremony, the significance of the event was not lost on attendees. The “Journey Through Civilizations” is more than just an exhibition; it’s a testament to enduring ties, a promise of mutual growth, and a beacon of hope for future generations. With China and Egypt leading the way, the world is set to witness a beautiful fusion of past, present, and future, bound by culture, respect, and mutual growth.

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