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Global Science and Tech Collaboration Takes Center Stage: Belt and Road Conference in Chongqing

ChinaGlobal Science and Tech Collaboration Takes Center Stage: Belt and Road Conference in Chongqing

Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange Set to Kick Off in Chongqing

In a significant development for global science and technology collaboration, the State Council Information Office announced on Monday that the inaugural Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange is scheduled to take place in Chongqing Municipality, southwest China, from November 6 to 7.

This groundbreaking conference is poised to bring together over 300 foreign participants representing more than 70 countries and international organizations. The event will play host to a distinguished guest list that includes Nobel Prize laureates, academicians, experts, scholars, and university presidents. At the same time, prominent figures from China’s academic, scientific research, and business communities are also expected to participate, further underlining the importance of the event on the global stage.

Zhang Anjiang, the Vice Mayor of Chongqing, expressed his enthusiasm for the conference, noting that it will serve as a platform for fostering intergovernmental cooperation and promoting people-to-people exchanges in the fields of science and technology. This conference is anticipated to be a forum for discussions on industrial innovation, scientific research paradigm shifts, future medicine, open science, and the pivotal role of big data.

One of the pivotal components of the conference will be the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) sci-tech innovation ministerial meeting, where high-level officials from BRI partner nations will discuss strategies and policies aimed at furthering scientific and technological cooperation within the initiative.

China has been actively fostering science and technology partnerships with its BRI partners, having already signed intergovernmental cooperation agreements with more than 80 countries involved in the initiative. This collaborative effort aims to create a comprehensive, multi-level, and wide-ranging science and technology cooperation pattern, as emphasized by Zhang Guangjun, Vice Minister of Science and Technology.

In addition to the ministerial meeting, the conference will feature various activities, including theme-based discussions, roundtable sessions, and the exhibition of achievements in the field of science and technology. The event’s extensive program will provide ample opportunities for attendees to engage in meaningful dialogues, share insights, and explore potential avenues for collaboration.

According to Zhang Guangjun, China is committed to further promoting international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation. The nation aims to accelerate the establishment of an open innovation ecosystem that boasts global competitiveness. This vision aligns perfectly with the Belt and Road Conference’s goal of fostering greater cooperation and knowledge sharing among countries involved in the initiative.

As the event approaches, anticipation is running high for what promises to be a landmark gathering of minds from across the globe. The Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange is poised to be a pivotal moment in advancing international collaboration in science, technology, and innovation, and Chongqing Municipality is set to be the epicenter of this transformative event from November 6 to 7.

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