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China to Launch Two New Weather Satellites for Disaster Monitoring and Weather Forecasting

ChinaChina to Launch Two New Weather Satellites for Disaster Monitoring and Weather Forecasting

China is set to launch two new weather satellites this year, the Fengyun 3F and Fengyun 3G, according to the China Meteorological Administration. The Fengyun 3F satellite is expected to launch in August and will mainly focus on imaging observations of the Earth’s surface. These images will be used for weather forecasting, environmental research and disaster monitoring. The Fengyun 3G satellite is scheduled to take off in April and will help monitor heavy precipitation in severe weather systems.

China has already launched 19 Fengyun meteorological satellites, seven of which are currently in orbit. These satellites provide data and services to 126 countries and regions around the world. The new satellites are expected to improve China’s capabilities in weather forecasting and disaster monitoring, and contribute to global meteorological and environmental research.

The Fengyun satellites are part of China’s broader efforts to advance its space capabilities, particularly in Earth observation and remote sensing. China has made significant strides in space technology in recent years, with successful missions to the moon and Mars, and plans to build a permanent space station.

The launch of these new weather satellites also highlights China’s growing importance in the global space industry. As more countries and companies turn to space for scientific research and commercial applications, China is positioning itself as a major player in the field. The data and services provided by the Fengyun satellites are also seen as a potential alternative to those offered by other countries, particularly the US.

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