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Vice premier Hu Chunhua inspects spring farming

ChinaNewsVice premier Hu Chunhua inspects spring farming

In China, agriculture plays a crucial role in the country’s economy and food security. In a recent visit to Anhui and Henan provinces, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua emphasized the importance of spring farming and the need for thorough preparations in ploughing and sowing to ensure a solid foundation for the year’s grain production.

During his inspection of the wheat fields, Vice Premier Hu learned about various aspects of the agricultural industry, including the supply of agricultural materials, services on farm machinery and agricultural technologies, meteorological services, and the production of vegetables, livestock, and poultry. Anhui and Henan provinces are key contributors to China’s winter wheat output, accounting for more than 40 percent of it. This current period is a critical one for winter wheat to turn green.

To ensure a successful harvest of summer grain crops, Vice Premier Hu stressed the importance of proper care for the wheat fields, including irrigation and adequate agricultural supplies, as well as guarding against plant diseases and insect pests and addressing unfavorable weather conditions. As spring ploughing and sowing are set to begin across the country, he also emphasized the need to implement support policies, meet the capital needs for production, and foster the enthusiasm of farmers for growing grain.

Spring farming is a crucial time for agriculture, as it lays the foundation for the rest of the year’s grain production. This season is also an opportunity for farmers to prepare their land and take the necessary measures to ensure a successful harvest. The success of spring farming depends on several factors, including the availability of agricultural supplies, access to irrigation, and weather conditions. Vice Premier Hu’s emphasis on these factors during his visit to Anhui and Henan provinces underscores their importance in achieving a successful harvest.

The Chinese government has been working to support the country’s agriculture industry and promote food security. In recent years, the government has implemented various policies to encourage farmers to grow more grain and has invested in agricultural infrastructure, research, and development. Vice Premier Hu’s call for policies to support spring farming and meet the capital needs for production shows the government’s continued commitment to supporting the agriculture industry.

In conclusion, Vice Premier Hu’s recent visit to Anhui and Henan provinces highlights the importance of spring farming in China’s agriculture industry. By emphasizing the need for proper care of wheat fields, access to agricultural supplies and irrigation, and policies to support farmers, Vice Premier Hu has underscored the government’s commitment to promoting food security and supporting the agriculture industry.

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