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Tibet Takes Off: The Region Soars to New Heights with Aviation Upgrade.

ChinaSocietyTibet Takes Off: The Region Soars to New Heights with Aviation Upgrade.

The skies above Tibet are set to become even busier in the near future, as the region embarks on a major upgrade of its aviation network. According to the Development and Reform Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the general aviation development plan will see the number of general airports in the region increase to 59, with all counties and districts linked by air services by 2035.
The plan is ambitious, but it is one that the region is taking very seriously. Already, key general aviation airports such as Gongkar Airport in Lhasa, Bangda Airport in Chamdo, and Gunsa Airport in Ngari Prefecture are serving the needs of the local population. And with the construction of Lhasa General Airport now underway, the region’s emergency rescue base is set to become even more robust.
The construction of more parking aprons will also be a key part of the upgrade, as the region seeks to accommodate more and more aircraft. This is a critical step towards ensuring that air services are accessible to more people, with the goal of covering over 95% of the population.
And it’s not just the regional government that is taking notice of these developments. 17 counties and districts in the region have already begun the process of selecting locations for airport construction, signaling a growing interest in the benefits of air travel.

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