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The Continuous Crusade: The Efforts to Combat Organized Crime

ChinaSocietyThe Continuous Crusade: The Efforts to Combat Organized Crime

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate SPP reports that nationwide procuratorates are working hard to combat organized crime and prevent its resurgence. In 2018, the central authorities launched a three-year nationwide campaign against organized crime, and the efforts continue even after the campaign officially ended.

Miao Shengming, the head of the anti-organized crime office at the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, stated that important progress has been made in the fight against organized crime, and procuratorates are doing their part to maintain a high standard in treating organized crime. In particular, procuratorates are cracking down on gangsters involved in natural resources and cyberspace.

For example, procuratorates in Qinghai province conducted a three-month review of 25,000 cases to find clues about irregularities in case filing, supervision, and law enforcement. In Heilongjiang province, prosecutors have verified over 2,700 criminals and the SPP is continuing to strengthen the mechanism and capacity of fighting organized crime.

Additionally, the SPP will continue to cooperate with other departments and pay attention to problems found in the operation of educational rectification and fostering talent in combating such crimes. Procuratorates are also suggesting heavy punishments for crimes that seriously affect people’s sense of security.

Overall, the nationwide procuratorates are taking comprehensive measures to combat organized crime and maintain peace and security for all.

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