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Dmitriev’s Chinese-Inspired Art Takes Center Stage in Beijing

CultureArtDmitriev's Chinese-Inspired Art Takes Center Stage in Beijing

Renowned Russian painter Valentin Dmitriev has always been profoundly enchanted by the rich history and exquisite art of China. This deep admiration has come to life in his recent art exhibition, located close to Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University.

The art showcase, which has been eagerly awaited by enthusiasts, puts 36 of Dmitriev’s masterpieces on full display. Among these are Russian-style oil paintings that capture the heart and soul of his homeland. But what stands out distinctly are Dmitriev’s Chinese-style paintings, which delve into the essence of China’s cultural and historical beauty.

One of the most striking pieces in the collection is Dmitriev’s portrayal of The Forbidden City. He skillfully juxtaposes the city’s ancient allure with the modernity of the surrounding skyscrapers, using the canvas to narrate tales from different epochs, but still within the same frame.

In Russia, Dmitriev enjoys considerable acclaim. Often referred to as “Nature’s colorist,” he exhibits unparalleled prowess in landscape oil painting. His style is reminiscent of the 19th Century Peredvizhniki Russian realist movement, commonly known as The Wanderers, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Zhang Gan, a respected professor from the Academy of Arts and Design at Tsinghua University and the curator of this exhibition, believes that Dmitriev’s signature painting language and unparalleled skills will deeply resonate with Chinese art aficionados, offering them fresh perspectives and possibly influencing the next wave of oil painting in China.

In a bid to immerse himself even deeper into the fabric of Chinese culture and landscape, Dmitriev embarked on an art-focused journey across China, which began in Beijing on September 8. His travels took him to historic cities like Xi’an, bustling urban hubs like Chongqing, and the culturally rich Wuhan, where he meticulously sketched various facets of nature and imbibed the local ethos.

The artist revealed plans to convert over 90 of these sketches into elaborate Chinese landscape artworks once he returns to Russia. Many of the displayed pieces at this exhibition have already been transformed from these sketches, their vividness and charm enhanced by Dmitriev’s masterful brush strokes and captivating color choices. Attendees at the exhibit voiced their admiration, with many asserting that no photograph could capture the breathtaking colors and emotions that Dmitriev’s artworks convey.

Organized under the thematic umbrellas of Cloud, Mountain, and Sea, the exhibition will remain open to visitors until November 5. This artistic endeavor is a result of collaboration between the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts, the Shui Mu Qing She Culture and Arts studio, and Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts and Design, further strengthening the cultural ties between China and Russia.


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