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Han Hyo-joo: Celebrating 20 Years of Stellar Performances

CultureFilm & TvHan Hyo-joo: Celebrating 20 Years of Stellar Performances

Celebrating two decades in the entertainment industry, the radiant Han Hyo-joo has established herself as a tour de force in the Korean film and drama landscape. First stepping into the limelight in 2003 after securing a win in a teenage beauty pageant, Han’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

This summer, Han is captivating audiences once again with her role in “Moving“, a grand project that has set the bar high for Korean productions. With a whopping budget of 65 billion won (US$48.5 million) for its 20 episodes, “Moving”, which airs on Disney+, is a superhero series like no other. Audiences are privy to intense action scenes, something Han has effortlessly delivered in her past roles. Yet, what’s stealing the show is her portrayal of a mother to a high-school teenager, donning glasses and embodying a character that’s a departure from her previous roles.

Han’s versatility as an actress is evident in her choice of roles. She has always embraced a mix of projects, from high-octane, big-budget series to intimate, low-budget films, showcasing her expansive range and commitment to the craft.

Born in 1987 in Cheongju, a quaint town in central South Korea, Han’s early years were far removed from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world. The daughter of an air force officer and an elementary school teacher, Han’s childhood was steeped in discipline and academia. An athlete in her school years, she shined in track and field events and showcased her prowess in volleyball. Acting wasn’t on the horizon for young Han; she dreamt of diverse professions – from teaching to poetry, and from veterinary science to animal training.

However, destiny had other plans. A pivotal moment arrived during her high school years when she clinched the top spot in a beauty contest sponsored by Binggrae, a renowned food corporation. This win was the nudge Han needed to re-evaluate her aspirations. Despite her conservative father’s reservations, she moved to Seoul, the heart of South Korea’s entertainment industry. Under her aunt’s guardianship in the bustling city, Han set her sights on acting. By the tender age of 18, she had already made her mark, debuting in the 2005 sitcom “Nonstop 5“.

Over the years, Han Hyo-joo’s captivating performances, combined with her dedication to her craft, have solidified her status as one of Korea’s most revered actresses. With “Moving”, she embarks on another chapter in her illustrious career, promising fans many more years of unforgettable performances.


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