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“Rising with the Wind”: A Drama Celebrating the Revival of Traditional Chinese Brands

Culture"Rising with the Wind": A Drama Celebrating the Revival of Traditional Chinese Brands

The new urban drama “Rising with the Wind,” currently streaming on iQiyi, has captivated audiences with its focus on the resurgence and transformation of traditional Chinese culture in the modern era. Featuring Gong Jun and Zhong Chuxi, the drama explores the challenges and triumphs of a group of young individuals dedicated to rejuvenating national brands and showcasing the allure of Chinese local brands.

Gaining international acclaim, “Rising with the Wind” has topped viewing charts on iQiyi International in several countries and regions, including Australia and Canada, indicating its widespread appeal. The story, adapted from a novel of the same name by Wei Zai, who possesses extensive e-commerce industry experience, is deeply rooted in reality. Wei drew inspiration from numerous real-life national brand cases, infusing the narrative with an authentic industry workplace atmosphere.

The producers, Wang Yixu and Zhang Yucheng, expressed their desire to showcase the charm of Chinese brands and culture to global audiences through this TV drama. They aim to inspire younger generations to appreciate and support national products. Zhang expressed satisfaction and pride in the drama’s international success and universal appeal.

Set against the backdrop of traditional Chinese brands, the drama follows elite investor Xu Si (Gong Jun) and Jiang Hu (Zhong Chuxi), the daughter of a national clothing group’s chairman. Their journey starts with initial disagreements and evolves into a collaborative effort to revive the traditional Chinese brand Tengyue. The narrative delves into the development of national enterprises and how local Chinese brands can foster a sense of belonging and identity.

Wei’s choice of theme stems from the observation that, with the burgeoning e-commerce sector and diversified marketing channels, many national brands have been rejuvenated. They have gained popularity among younger generations in China and increased international influence. The story resonates with her personal experiences of witnessing the rise of venerable national brands through e-commerce, symbolizing their inheritance and innovation by the youth.

To craft a realistic script, Wei engaged in in-depth interactions with brand heads and founders, visiting various companies, factories, and investment banks. This extensive research laid the groundwork for an authentic portrayal of the industry.

The TV series not only celebrates the quality and strength of national goods but also highlights the creativity and innovation underlying their resurgence. To enhance the story’s authenticity, financial professionals and veteran marketing agents from both physical industries and e-commerce were consulted.

The lead actors shared that their involvement in the drama deepened their appreciation for national brand culture. Zhong, for instance, explored the history and stories behind national sports shoes, gaining insights into their cultural significance. Gong’s experience led to a new understanding of the culture driving the rise of national brands, appreciating their blend of traditional and modern elements.

“Rising with the Wind” serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of Chinese brands, demonstrating how they are adapting to contemporary trends while staying true to their cultural roots. The drama is a tribute to the enduring spirit of innovation and the rich heritage of Chinese national brands, resonating with audiences both domestically and internationally.


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