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 Hotpot Festival in Chongqing, China

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As the Year of the Rabbit approaches, Chongqing, a municipality in Southwest China, is organizing a hotpot festival for its local residents to boost the consumer market for the new year. Chongqing hotpot, a widely acclaimed Chinese cuisine, has gained popularity across the globe, with nearly 30,000 hotpot restaurants in Chongqing alone and over 20 countries hosting over 200,000 hotpot restaurants, as per data from the Chongqing Hotpot Association.

To commemorate the Chinese New Year, the hotpot festival has invited more than 20 hotpot companies to provide their services, which will run from Jan 6 to Feb 5. This event aims to promote the region’s famous cuisine and stimulate consumer spending, adding more incentives to the market.

The hotpot festival is an excellent opportunity for local residents and tourists to experience the region’s culinary heritage. Hotpot is a popular dish in China, especially during the winter months, as it provides a hearty and warm meal to beat the cold weather.

The hotpot festival also serves as a platform for hotpot companies to showcase their specialties, and visitors can expect a range of delicacies from spicy to mild, from vegetable-based to meat-based broths, and from seafood to traditional meat options. With so many choices, the festival promises to provide a culinary experience that caters to all tastes.

Furthermore, the hotpot festival helps boost the local economy, with companies benefiting from increased exposure and customer traffic. As a result, this festival plays a vital role in promoting tourism, creating job opportunities, and driving economic growth.

The hotpot festival in Chongqing is an excellent opportunity for locals and tourists to enjoy the region’s renowned cuisine and contribute to the local economy. This event serves as a platform for hotpot companies to showcase their specialties, and visitors can expect to taste a diverse range of dishes. With the festival running for a month, there is ample time for everyone to partake in the festivities and enjoy the warmth of hotpot during the winter season.

Chen Guohua, the head of the Chongqing Hotpot Association, said that the festival aims to increase confidence in the hotpot industry both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, they hope to promote hotpot as a driver for other industries such as agriculture and tourism. Through this event, the festival aims to inject vitality into the consumer market for the new year.

Hotpot has become a popular cuisine in China due to its diverse range of ingredients and affordable prices. Many consumers have been visiting hotpot stalls to enjoy the spicy and flavorful dish. For example, He Yan, who spent 48 yuan (about $7) on a hotpot serving, described the dish as “hot and spicy, and contains a large variety of food.”

One hotpot brand that has been participating in the festival is Liu’s Chongqing Hotpot, which was established in 2000 and has over 1,500 restaurants worldwide. At their festival stall, customers can enjoy hotpot or purchase hotpot bases and ready-made hotpot products.

The Chongqing Hotpot Festival is an opportunity for the industry to showcase its diversity and to promote economic growth in other sectors. By offering affordable prices and diverse options, hotpot has become a popular cuisine in China and around the world. The festival aims to attract more consumers and invigorate the market, injecting new life into the industry in the Year of the Rabbit.

Liu’s Chongqing Hotpot, a renowned hotpot brand, has made significant strides in expanding its business internationally. In 2010, it opened its first overseas hotpot restaurant in Dubai, followed by the first hotpot base factory in Canada in 2021. Currently, the brand operates 66 hotpot restaurants in 15 countries, and its hotpot products, such as hotpot bases, are sold in over 2,000 overseas supermarkets. Liu Mei, the chairperson of the hotpot brand, expressed her pride in the brand’s global reach.

Chen Guohua, the head of the Chongqing Hotpot Association, recognizes the value of the hotpot industry in promoting international business and creating economic benefits for rural areas. As the most important ingredient in Chongqing hotpot, chili is sourced exclusively from the Shizhu Tujia autonomous county in Chongqing by Zhoushixiong hotpot brand, which purchases over 500 tonnes of chilies worth more than 10 million yuan annually. Other agricultural products, such as radishes, soy cheese, and sausages, are also sourced from the region. Zhou Dao, the founder of Zhoushixiong hotpot brand, with over 20 hotpot restaurants in three cities, expressed his desire to contribute to rural areas.

The hotpot festival is an event that Zhou Dao believes is vital in restoring consumer confidence and supporting economic recovery. He plans to expand the brand’s international business in 2023, building on the success of the hotpot festival.

In conclusion, Liu’s Chongqing Hotpot is an excellent example of a hotpot brand that has expanded globally, bringing economic benefits to both urban and rural areas. Chen Guohua recognizes the importance of the hotpot industry in promoting international business and supporting rural development. Zhoushixiong hotpot brand is one of the many hotpot brands that contribute to the hotpot industry’s success and the economy. Zhou Dao is committed to supporting rural areas through his business and expanding its reach internationally. The hotpot festival serves as a platform to restore consumer confidence and support economic recovery, which is crucial in these challenging times.

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