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Prada’s Dramatic Slime-Infused Show at Milan Fashion Week

LifestyleFashionPrada's Dramatic Slime-Infused Show at Milan Fashion Week

The bustling energy of Milan Fashion Week was heightened this week with Prada’s intriguing catwalk display, where models walked under cascades of clear slime, offering a dramatic backdrop for the unveiling of their Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

This audacious display wasn’t Prada’s first tryst with such an eclectic element. The Italian luxury label, renowned for pushing the boundaries of fashion, had incorporated a similar slime feature in its menswear show earlier in June. Thursday’s show, however, brought this innovative touch to its womenswear line, further establishing Prada’s commitment to distinctive and immersive fashion presentations.

The creative minds behind Prada, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, kicked off the show with an understated all-grey ensemble consisting of a shirt and shorts. This was accentuated with a patterned scarf, setting the tone for the juxtaposition of simplicity with audacious design throughout the collection.

As the models glided on the runway, onlookers were treated to a plethora of designs showcasing Prada’s signature blend of classic and avant-garde. The collection flaunted shirts and jumpsuits, characterized by exaggerated shoulders and elongated sleeves. High-waisted shorts, sheer skirts, and voluminous, boxy jackets were the other standouts. The clothing line’s intrigue was further heightened with prominent fringes, appearing on floral shirts and ingeniously hanging from belts, almost mimicking skirts.

Dresses presented a delicate aura with their pastel shades and were adorned with airy white sheer top layers, introducing a touch of ethereal charm. The collection took a bold turn with its all-black leather ensembles, some of which were ornately decorated with studded patterns. Footwear didn’t lag in terms of variety or vibrancy. Slip-on heels painted in vivacious shades, studded pumps, and classic black brogues made their mark. Completing the models’ looks were oversized headbands, so expansive that they could be mistaken for hats.

The event wasn’t just a feast for the fashion connoisseurs but also for star-gazers. The front row was adorned with a galaxy of celebrities, with actors Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Benedict Cumberbatch being the prominent figures. Adding to this international glam quotient was the presence of the popular South Korean boy band, ENHYPEN.

An emotional moment for many in attendance was the end-of-show bow, where Prada and Simons were joined by Fabio Zambernardi, the long-serving design director rumored to be departing from the group.

While Prada captured much attention, Milan Fashion Week showcased other noteworthy presentations. Iconic designer Giorgio Armani unveiled light, airy designs for his Emporio Armani collection, displaying loose shirts, jackets, crop tops, and shorts. Models donned short dresses and lightweight trousers in calming neutral and pastel hues. Evening wear was accentuated with sequined tops and long, flowy skirts. Fans are eagerly awaiting the main Giorgio Armani line scheduled for Sunday.

Milan continues to be the center of the fashion universe with forthcoming shows from industry titans like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace. This Italian fashion capital is a crucial stop in the Spring/Summer 2024 catwalk calendar, which began its journey in New York and will travel through London and Paris.

Milan Fashion Week, an unmissable event for fashion enthusiasts, will continue to captivate the global audience until its conclusion on Monday.


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