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Davide Renne Appointed as Moschino’s New Creative Director

LifestyleFashionDavide Renne Appointed as Moschino's New Creative Director

The renowned Italian fashion conglomerate, Aeffe, recently announced a significant shift in the creative leadership of its Moschino brand. Beginning on November 1st, Davide Renne, previously known for his commendable work as Gucci’s head designer for womenswear, will helm Moschino as its new creative director.

This transition comes in the wake of Jeremy Scott’s departure from Moschino, marking the end of his influential 10-year tenure as the brand’s creative director. Scott’s tenure was characterized by innovative, often avant-garde designs, and a unique approach that brought Moschino to new heights of global recognition. His departure has undoubtedly left big shoes to fill, but with Renne’s appointment, the fashion world is buzzing with anticipation about the direction Moschino will take next.

Davide Renne brings with him a wealth of experience and a reputation for creating sophisticated yet modern designs. At Moschino, he will be responsible for overseeing a vast array of product lines, ranging from women’s and men’s apparel to a plethora of accessories. Moschino, a brand synonymous with its flamboyant designs, audacious colors, and a penchant for challenging fashion norms, will undoubtedly benefit from the fresh perspective Renne is expected to bring. Fashion enthusiasts can look forward to his inaugural showcase for Moschino during the Milan Fashion Week in February 2024, where he will present the Fall/Winter collection for 24-25.

Massimo Ferretti, Aeffe’s executive chairman, expressed immense confidence in Renne’s capabilities, stating, “We are confident that he will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Moschino.” Such endorsements from industry stalwarts are a testament to the potential dynamism and creativity Renne will infuse into Moschino’s future collections.

The announcement of Renne’s appointment not only stirred interest among fashion critics and enthusiasts but also seemed to resonate positively within the financial realm. Aeffe’s shares experienced an upward trajectory, witnessing a rise of 2.1% in the morning trading sessions. This uptick signifies the market’s optimism and trust in Aeffe’s decision-making, further underscoring the importance of the move.

Aeffe, with its extensive portfolio of brands including Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini, and Pollini, has consistently demonstrated an ability to identify and nurture creative talent. As Renne prepares to take over the creative mantle of Moschino, the fashion world waits with bated breath, eager to witness the evolution and new direction of one of its most beloved brands.


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