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Dramatic Plea in Kowloon Court: Convict Requests Execution over Imprisonment

LifestyleDramatic Plea in Kowloon Court: Convict Requests Execution over Imprisonment

In a gripping and unexpected turn of events at the Kowloon District Court, Wong King-hong, found guilty of a series of serious offenses, made an astonishing plea. Rather than facing prison time, he beseeched the judge for a sentence of execution. Wong’s rationale for this unusual request lay in his belief that jail would prove far more dangerous for him, given his prior associations and actions.

The backdrop of this tale is a brazen daylight robbery that took place in a watch shop in Kowloon. Wong and an associate swiftly stole 37 wristwatches, collectively valued at $7,000. Following this audacious act, the duo made their getaway, not in a car or on foot, but uniquely, on bicycles. The theft had been quick and well-executed, leaving the authorities momentarily dumbfounded.

During the course of the trial, Wong revealed some intriguing aspects of his past. He claimed to have been an informant for the police. Given this background, he was certain that imprisonment would equate to a death sentence for him. According to Wong, his reputation and history were well-known within the prison community. If incarcerated, he was convinced other inmates, harboring grudges or fearing exposure, would target him.

Throughout the trial, Wong’s behavior was unpredictable, making it a challenging case for Judge T. Creeden. On one occasion, he requested that media personnel be expelled from the courtroom, voicing concerns about the repercussions he might face if details of his cooperation with the police were to be made public. He firmly believed that such information reaching the prison population would further endanger his life.

Further adding to the courtroom drama, Wong vehemently denied the charges against him. He asserted that he was the victim of a setup, orchestrated by a detective in collaboration with an individual named Wong Yuen-loy. He portrayed himself as a betrayed individual, falsely implicated in crimes he did not commit. His state of despair was evident when he made an attempt on his life while in custody.

Despite his pleas, compelling backstory, and allegations of a conspiracy, the court was not swayed. Wong King-hong was convicted on multiple counts, including robbery with violence, robbery with aggravation, and simple larceny. He received a cumulative sentence of 10 and a half years. However, given the court’s decision to have the sentences served concurrently, Wong is set to spend a maximum of five years behind bars.

This case serves as a chilling reminder of the complexities and personal histories that often lie behind criminal acts, illustrating the intricate tapestry of motives, fears, and actions that define our legal narratives.


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