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Compassionate Policeman Helps Deaf-Mute Delivery Worker in Hangzhou

LifestyleCompassionate Policeman Helps Deaf-Mute Delivery Worker in Hangzhou

In the bustling city of Hangzhou, located in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, an incident involving a minor traffic collision evolved into a heartwarming tale of human kindness. Bao Zhongmiao, a diligent traffic officer, was on his usual patrol when he was called upon to mediate a minor road accident between an electric bike and a car.

The car driver was quick to accept the blame, acknowledging that he had scraped the bike and offered compensation. Yet, the e-bike rider, showing signs of acute distress, wasn’t concerned about the damages. Officer Bao soon discovered the reason: the man was deaf-mute. Communicating through his mobile phone, the rider conveyed his real worry: he was a food delivery worker and was running out of time to complete his deliveries.

China’s food delivery industry is known for its cutthroat competition. With timely delivery being paramount, any delay can lead to a negative customer review on the delivery company’s social media channels. Such bad reviews often have direct financial consequences for the delivery workers, sometimes resulting in salary deductions.

Recognizing the urgency and the worker’s predicament, Officer Bao took it upon himself to inform the awaiting customers about the delay. But another challenge presented itself: the electric bike was no longer functional due to the accident.

Understanding the gravity of the situation and showcasing exemplary kindness, Officer Bao stepped in, assuring the worried worker, “Don’t worry. I will deliver it for you.” Although it took him 40 minutes to make the deliveries, due to unfamiliarity with the addresses, his gesture was not in vain. The customers, appreciating his unexpected yet remarkable efforts, expressed their gratitude. One particularly touched customer even gifted Officer Bao with a bunch of oranges, which the officer found deeply heartening.

However, this isn’t an isolated case of police officers in China exhibiting acts of kindness beyond their line of duty. In the same city earlier that month, a compassionate female officer was spotted offering solace and supportive words to a distraught woman crying on a busy street. Furthermore, in eastern Jiangsu province, an elderly lady generously sent a silk banner to a police officer in appreciation. The officer had patiently dedicated two hours of her time to prevent the woman from falling victim to a scam that could have cost her 100,000 yuan (approximately US$13,600).

Such acts highlight the potential for humanity and kindness even in professions stereotypically viewed as rigid and stringent. The tale of Officer Bao and others like him underscore the beauty of spontaneous compassion, reminding us of the boundless capacity humans possess to aid one another.


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