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Sri Lankan Ambassador Commends Traditional Chinese Medicine During Visit

LifestyleHealthSri Lankan Ambassador Commends Traditional Chinese Medicine During Visit

On August 7, a distinctive interaction took place at the esteemed Beijing Hanyitang TCM Hospital. Sri Lankan Ambassador to China, Palitha Kohona, set foot in the hospital to personally experience the marvel of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The ambassador’s visit wasn’t driven by mere diplomatic gestures but was a testament to his genuine interest in the ancient practices and techniques of TCM.

Ambassador Kohona delved deep into the world of TCM, as he experienced several traditional techniques firsthand. From pulse-taking to the therapeutic practice of tuina, and from the ancient art of cupping to the intricate process of acupuncture, Kohona embraced it all. Such was his level of comfort and satisfaction that he termed his encounter with these techniques as nothing short of “amazing!”

It’s worth noting that the ambassador wasn’t entirely new to the world of TCM. In the past, Kohona had undergone tuina, a form of Chinese manipulative therapy. However, the acupuncture session at the Beijing Hanyitang TCM Hospital marked a novel experience for him. Sharing his experience, Kohona commented, “It was such a serene process. So much so, that I found myself drifting into a brief nap. Waking up from it, I felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation. The whole experience was just wonderful.”

During his visit, the ambassador had the opportunity to engage with Zhang Ju, the chairman of the Beijing Hanyitang Medical Health Group. Zhang enlightened Kohona on the rich history of the hospital, underscoring its commitment to the conservation and innovation of TCM culture. Remarkably, while the hospital is deeply rooted in ancient traditions, it isn’t shy of embracing modernity. Zhang mentioned the integration of cutting-edge technologies like big data and artificial intelligence into their TCM practices, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Reflecting on his enriching experience and the potential benefits TCM could bring to Sri Lanka, Kohona expressed a keen desire: “It would be a significant step forward if China considers opening a TCM hospital in Sri Lanka. Our country has a substantial number of Chinese medicine enthusiasts. This move would not only cater to their interests but also pave the way for more profound medical exchanges and shared learning between practitioners from both nations.”

In essence, Ambassador Palitha Kohona‘s visit to the Beijing Hanyitang TCM Hospital transcended beyond a standard diplomatic interaction. It evolved into a genuine exploration of traditional medicine, fostering an even deeper appreciation and the hope for greater collaboration in the realm of healthcare between China and Sri Lanka.


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