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Saturday, December 9, 2023

British Council Champions International Education and Talent Mobility at CACIE 2023

UncategorizedBritish Council Champions International Education and Talent Mobility at CACIE 2023

The 24th China Annual Conference for International Education and Expo (CACIE 2023) witnessed a significant contribution from the British Council, as it stepped up as a CACIE Honorary Partner from October 26 to 28. The council’s engagement was marked by its hosting of two insightful sub-forums that delved into the facets of higher education, particularly focusing on the journey from academia to professional environments and the evolving landscape of English education within secondary schools.

The first sub-forum, “From Study to Work: Global Talent Mobility and Development,” tackled the dynamic and often complex pathways of cultivating talent within the global context of international education. Participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions around the latest trends, the intricacies of navigating cross-border education, and the subsequent challenges faced by talent in an ever-globalizing world. The discourse illuminated the multifaceted journey of students and professionals as they transition through educational systems, enter the global job market, and maneuver through the intricacies of international career development.

Simultaneously, the second sub-forum, “English Teaching and Assessment to Enhance International Understanding Education in Secondary Schools,” addressed the critical theme of fostering international understanding from a young age. It explored the role of English education as a tool for international engagement and understanding, particularly within the K12 sector. This session served as a platform for exchanging innovative ideas on enhancing language teaching methodologies and assessment techniques, which are fundamental in preparing the youth for the challenges of global communication and cooperation.

You Zhuoran, the director of examinations at the British Council China, shed light on the organization’s endeavors to facilitate the mobility and professional development of Chinese students abroad. Zhuoran emphasized the British Council’s comprehensive approach, which is exemplified by the IELTS test—a globally recognized English language assessment that forms part of their extensive ecosystem value chain, supporting individuals from the study phase through to their entry into the workforce.

The British Council’s participation in the conference was not just about sharing insights; it was also an opportunity to forge and deepen partnerships. Esteemed universities and enterprises, both domestic and international, were invited to contribute their expertise. These collaborative sessions provided a fertile ground for the exchange of best practices and discussions on how to bolster the support for lifelong learning and the development of international education in China.

The council’s active role in CACIE 2023 reflects its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering educational exchanges that transcend borders. By facilitating dialogue and sharing best practices, the British Council is helping to shape a future where education is a passport to global opportunities, and where English language proficiency is a bridge to international understanding and cooperation. These initiatives by the British Council are set to have a long-term impact on the global educational landscape, echoing the importance of cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration in an interconnected world.


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