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Huawei Replaces 13,000 Components Affected by US Restrictions in Past Three Years

BusinessHuawei Replaces 13,000 Components Affected by US Restrictions in Past Three Years

Huawei Technologies Co founder, Ren Zhengfei, recently revealed that the company has replaced over 13,000 components affected by US government restrictions with parts developed either by itself or other Chinese companies in the past three years. Ren made the remarks in a meeting with students and experts that have helped the company solve technical problems. He stated that more than 4,000 circuit boards have also been replaced, and the company’s circuit boards have only recently stabilized due to the availability of qualified domestic components.

In addition to component replacement, Huawei has developed its own management system software called MetaERP, entirely using its own operating system, database, and compiler. MetaERP has passed practical tests of application in Huawei’s various departments worldwide and the annual settlement test of the company’s ledger.

Regarding the impact of ChatGPT on Huawei, Ren stated that it would boost the demand for computing and pipeline flow, and Huawei’s relevant products would have more market demand. He also mentioned that 5G connectivity is necessary for the popularization of AI services and that Huawei can only build the underlying computing platform of AI and will not touch the application platform.

Ren emphasized that the direct contribution of AI software platform companies to human society may be less than 2 percent, with 98 percent of their contribution promoting the development of industrial society and agricultural society. The future of AI large-language model industry may have ups and downs, and Microsoft will not be the only competitive player in the field.

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