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The Rise of “Mountain-Style” Outfits Among Chinese Ski Fans

ChinaThe Rise of "Mountain-Style" Outfits Among Chinese Ski Fans

The demand for outdoor clothing is on the rise among urban enthusiasts. This trend is especially noticeable in China where people are increasingly adopting the Japanese style of clothing known as yama. This style emphasizes the combination of functionality and fashion, making it perfect for trekking and other outdoor activities. It has become a popular choice among Chinese people for sports and daily purposes alike.

The yama style of clothing originated in Japan and is now gaining popularity in China. The style emphasizes functionality and durability while also incorporating fashionable elements. This combination of fashion and functionality has made it the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts in China. The style has also gained traction among urbanites who prefer to wear comfortable yet fashionable clothing.

One of the popular outfits among Chinese people who adopt the yama style includes a fisherman’s hat, waterproof jacket, sports bag, cargo trousers, and hiking boots. These clothing items are perfect for trekking and other outdoor activities. Chinese people who adopt the yama style tend to prefer colors such as shades of green, khaki, and gray. They also try to match their clothing tones to create a harmonious overall look.

The popularity of the yama style among Chinese people has led to the sharing of fashion tips online. People who adopt this style share their experiences and offer tips on how to match clothing items to achieve the perfect yama look. The yama style is not just limited to outdoor activities but has also become a fashion statement for many urbanites in China.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s lifestyles, causing many to gravitate towards nature and outdoor activities. Activities such as playing Frisbee, camping, skateboarding, and paddleboarding have become increasingly popular, and as a result, related outfits have also become more widespread. People are looking for clothing that is comfortable, durable, and suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.

A recent report released by Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu revealed that young people from big cities were among those who preferred to participate in outdoor activities and wear outdoor outfits. The report listed the top 10 lifestyle trends in the country, indicating a significant shift in people’s preferences. More individuals are taking part in outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, and camping, than ever before.

As per Tmall, an online marketplace, the sales of camping and climbing equipment surged during the first hour of the Singles Day shopping spree in October 2021. Compared to the same period in 2020, sales of camping equipment increased by 115 percent, while sales of climbing equipment increased by 81.2 percent. The statistics indicate that outdoor activities are on the rise, and the demand for related products is increasing accordingly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a change in people’s lifestyle preferences, with a growing number of individuals participating in outdoor activities. As a result, the demand for outdoor outfits and equipment has risen significantly. With more people seeking to engage in outdoor activities, it is expected that the trend towards functional yet fashionable outdoor clothing will continue to grow.

Bai Yifan, a snowboarding influencer, understands the importance of choosing the right outfit and equipment each time he goes to a ski field. He takes great care in selecting his skiing gear and outfit and shares pictures with his followers online. According to Bai, the “mountain-style” outfit has become increasingly popular among ski enthusiasts.

In recent years, designs originally meant for camping and mountaineering clothing have been repurposed for ski suits. While traditional ski suits are plain, Bai notes that newer designs now feature decorative elements. As someone who has been to over 200 ski slopes in more than 20 countries and regions, Bai’s opinion holds weight in the community. His online following on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, has reached 671,000.

Bai also points out that the multi-pocket vest, a trendy outdoor outfit, has become a favorite among ski fans. It’s a perfect match for the “mountain-style” outfit that combines fashion with functionality. With multiple pockets, it’s both practical and stylish.

Ski enthusiasts, much like other outdoor activity fans, prefer to wear clothes that are functional and fashionable. They want clothing that can withstand the elements while also making a statement. It’s no surprise that the “mountain-style” outfit, with its origins in Japanese yama culture, has become increasingly popular in China.

Bai Yifan’s experience and insight reveal that the “mountain-style” outfit has become a fashionable trend in the skiing community. As skiers look for outfits that are both functional and stylish, they are turning towards designs originally meant for camping and mountaineering clothing. The multi-pocket vest has also become a favorite among ski fans, as it perfectly complements the “mountain-style” outfit.

The trend of focusing on ski outfits has been on the rise among Chinese ski fans. They want to stand out and showcase themselves in the skiing areas, making it essential for them to wear outfits that reflect their unique style. Therefore, they are not satisfied with wearing common attire during vacations. According to Bai Yifan, an influencer in the field of snowboarding, skiing areas are a perfect place for young people to show off their style and fashion sense.

Compared to overseas counterparts, Chinese ski fans tend to follow the trend by buying ski suits from popular outdoor brands that are in fashion. The outfits should be designed with nature in mind and should offer maximum functionality, making them different from regular clothing. Bai Yifan recommends that ski fans find their own style when it comes to selecting their outfits and avoid wearing too many mismatched articles of clothing.

As China’s skiing industry continues to grow, domestic ski slopes are diversifying their business forms to enhance consumer experience. For example, some ski slopes have opened popular coffeehouse chains, providing freshly brewed coffee to their customers. Drinking coffee has become part of the “mountain-style” life, and some ski fans make their brew while camping. These developments are meeting the demand for Chinese outdoor activities and providing a unique experience for visitors.

the demand for unique and fashionable ski outfits is increasing among Chinese ski fans. They want to showcase their individuality and fashion sense in skiing areas, which has led to a trend of buying ski suits from popular outdoor brands. Additionally, the development of China’s skiing industry has led to a diversification of business forms at ski slopes, such as opening coffeehouse chains, providing a unique and enhanced experience for visitors.

The demand for “mountain-style” outfits in China has spurred both domestic and overseas outdoor brands to design products that cater to this trend. According to Jiang Shuai, the manager of the e-commerce department of Toread, an outdoor clothing brand based in Beijing, the brand has focused on functionality and practicality in its product designs while also taking fashion into consideration in recent years.

Shuai notes that “mountain-style” outfits reflect consumers’ desire to get closer to nature and their pursuit of simplicity, practicality, and the natural world. The popularity of such outfits has led consumers to pay more attention to the environment and attach greater importance to healthy living. This trend has also prompted outdoor brands to develop products that incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Many outdoor brands have introduced new collections to cater to this growing demand, such as Columbia’s “Mountain Tech” series and The North Face’s “Mountain Life” series. These collections feature durable and functional designs that are suitable for a range of outdoor activities.

In addition to fashion and functionality, brands are also incorporating technological advancements into their products. For example, some jackets come equipped with heating systems and temperature sensors that allow wearers to adjust the temperature according to their needs.

As more and more Chinese consumers embrace outdoor activities and “mountain-style” outfits, outdoor brands are likely to continue developing new products that cater to this trend. The increasing popularity of these outfits also reflects a broader trend towards healthy living and environmental awareness in China.

‘The trend of “mountain-style” outfits in China has prompted outdoor clothing and equipment brands to design products that are lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable without compromising durability and water, wind, and moisture resistance. In addition, ergonomic designs have become more prevalent in outdoor products.

Jiang Shuai, manager of the e-commerce department of Toread, a Beijing-based outdoor clothing brand, notes that the popularity of “mountain-style” outfits reflects consumers’ desire to get closer to nature while seeking simplicity, practicality, and the natural world. He further emphasizes that outdoor products must be of good quality and offer high-cost performance for both domestic and foreign consumers.

However, there are some differences in consumer preferences between domestic and foreign markets. While practicality and safety are the top priority for domestic consumers, innovation and environmental friendliness are more important to foreign consumers.

When it comes to camping equipment, domestic consumers prioritize practicality for the whole family. Consumers tend to choose products that provide quality and functionality, as well as those with convenient designs, such as light weight and easy disassembly.

Beijing-based fashion columnist Jiang Wei attributes the “mountain-style” outfit craze in China to the Japanese outdoor trend and the popularity of Arc’teryx, a Canadian outdoor clothing and equipment company, among the middle class in China. He explains that Japanese outdoor brands are known for their excellent quality and well-designed products, which have gained a large following among outdoor enthusiasts.

A consortium led by China’s Anta Sports Products Ltd, one of the largest sportswear companies in China, acquired Amer Sports, a Finnish company that owns sports brands, including Arc’teryx, in 2019. Following Anta’s promotion strategy and campaigns, Arc’teryx, once popular among avid outdoor enthusiasts, has now become a trendy brand. As a result, it has become a hot topic on Chinese social media, where trendsetters share various outfits of the brand.

Many fashion brands, including global luxury brands, have released urban outdoor apparel at different prices, such as the launch of Prada Outdoor in 2021. Additionally, fashion magazines in China have published chic photos of “mountain-style” outfits, and some celebrities have posted their camping photos on social media. The popularity of this style of outfits reflects a shift in aesthetics among young people. Although people are more interested in outdoor activities now, before making a purchase, they should consider whether they are blindly following the trend.

According to Jiang Shuai, manager of the e-commerce department of Toread, an outdoor clothing brand headquartered in Beijing, “Mountain-style” outfits cater to the trend of consumers wanting to get closer to nature, reflecting their pursuit of simplicity, practicality, and the natural world. The popularity of such outfits has led consumers to pay more attention to the natural environment and attach greater importance to healthy living. In recent years, Toread has focused on functionality and practicality in its outdoor product designs, while taking fashion into consideration.

With the increasing demand for “mountain-style” outfits in China, both domestic and foreign outdoor brands are designing products to cater to this demand. Outdoor clothing and equipment have become more lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable, while maintaining durability and resistance to water, wind, and moisture. Additionally, their designs have become more ergonomic. While domestic consumers prioritize practicality and safety, foreign consumers pay more attention to innovation and environmental friendliness. When selecting camping equipment, domestic consumers prioritize practicality for the family. Among products ensuring quality and functionality, consumers are more likely to be drawn to those with convenient designs, such as lightweight and easy disassembly.

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