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Sanya’s GLAST-2023 Forum: Pioneering Global Agri-Tech Transformation

ChinaSanya's GLAST-2023 Forum: Pioneering Global Agri-Tech Transformation

Sanya Hosts International Experts at the 7th GLAST-2023 Forum: A Beacon for Sustainable Agricultural Progress Through Tech Innovation

SANYA, HAINAN PROVINCE — This week, the picturesque city of Sanya, located in the southern part of China’s Hainan Province, played host to the 7th Global Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology (GLAST-2023). Over two intense days, over 500 scholars and experts hailing from more than 50 countries came together, providing a testament to the collective will of the global community to redefine the future of agriculture.

This year’s theme, “Science and Technology Leading the Transformation of Global Agri-Food System“, sets the tone for the multifaceted discussions that encapsulated the forum’s agenda. The sheer scale and breadth of the subjects tackled indicate that the world is on the brink of a new agricultural era.

A Collaborative Endeavour

One of the standout elements of GLAST-2023 was its impressive list of organizers, which included the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), the government of Hainan Province, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Such a diverse group coming together amplifies the global importance and commitment towards sustainable agricultural development.

An Array of Pertinent Topics

Throughout the forum, a series of comprehensive discussions were held that ranged from methods to improve agricultural productivity to the introduction and implementation of cutting-edge, game-changing technologies. In-depth debates took place around rural revitalization, understanding and supporting smallholder development, and the imperative for a robust and open partnership in agricultural scientific and technological advancement.

China’s Role in Agricultural Evolution

In the inaugural address, Wu Kongming, the President of the CAAS, shed light on the growth trajectory of China’s agricultural sector. He proudly highlighted that, “In recent years, the contribution rate of China’s agricultural scientific and technological progress steadily increased, leading to a notable elevation in China’s overall agricultural production capacity.”

Wu further emphasized the dedication of CAAS towards catalyzing international collaborations. “Our vision,” Wu articulated, “is to spearhead innovation-driven solutions, fostering a global ecosystem that thrives on efficiency, inclusivity, and sustainability in agricultural production.”

Li Jinxiang, the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, resonated with Wu’s sentiments. At one of the forum’s key sessions, Li emphasized the monumental importance of synergistic efforts in the realms of science and technology. Such combined efforts, according to Li, are paramount to catalyze the much-needed transformation in the global agri-food system.

The International Perspective

The international community, too, was unequivocal in its belief about the pivotal role such forums play in shaping the future. Qu Dongyu, the Director-General of the FAO, through a video address, opined, “Forums like GLAST are not just events; they’re catalysts. They have the potential, and more importantly, the responsibility, to ensure that science and technology are the main drivers steering the transformation of global agriculture.”

In Retrospect and Forward

The 7th iteration of the GLAST forum wasn’t just a gathering; it was a vibrant confluence of ideas, beliefs, and commitments. From deliberations to actionable takeaways, GLAST-2023 served as an affirmation of the global commitment to the evolution and betterment of agricultural practices.

As the curtains came down on this edition, attendees and participants left with more than just memories. They departed with a renewed vigor, partnerships, and a collective blueprint for the next phase of global agricultural innovation.

For the world, the message was clear: with collaborative efforts, a shared vision, and technological innovation at its core, the future of global agriculture is not just promising; it’s transformative.

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