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Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti at Beijing’s Jintai Art Museum

CultureCelebration of Gandhi Jayanti at Beijing's Jintai Art Museum

The Jintai Art Museum in Beijing was alive with a unique fusion of Indian and Chinese culture on October 2nd, when the Embassy of India in Beijing organized a special event to mark Gandhi Jayanti – the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, a stalwart in India’s freedom struggle and an enduring symbol of peace and non-violence worldwide.

The day’s event was not only an ode to Gandhi’s life but also a bridge of friendship and mutual respect between India and China. As attendees walked into the venue, they were welcomed with the sight of a beautifully sculpted bust of Gandhi. The day began with a solemn and traditional garlanding ceremony. Ambassador Pradeep Rawat, along with his wife Shruti Rawat, offered garlands to the bust, symbolizing their deep respect and admiration for the great leader.

Their gesture was followed by Yuan Xikun, the esteemed director of the Beijing Jintai Art Museum. Yuan, showing his respect, presented floral tributes to Gandhi. This act of reverence from the director further exemplified the importance of Gandhi not just for Indians but for individuals globally who believe in peace, tolerance, and harmony.

A poignant segment followed this, where children from the Fangcaodi school recited various quotes of Gandhi. Their innocent voices resonating with the profound wisdom of Gandhi’s words was a testament to the timeless nature of his teachings. It was heartwarming to witness the younger generation, miles away from India, connecting so deeply with the philosophies of Gandhi.

However, the centerpiece of this event was the inauguration of a dedicated exhibition named “My Life is My Message.” This exhibition, initially curated by Gandhi Smriti, ran for a week and took the attendees on a journey through the pivotal moments of Gandhi’s life. Every artifact, photograph, and excerpt narrated a tale of his struggles, triumphs, beliefs, and indomitable spirit. The exhibition wrapped up on October 9th, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who had the chance to witness it.

During the event, Ambassador Pradeep Rawat addressed the gathering, emphasizing how Gandhi’s foresight was often aligned with solutions to problems that were ahead of his era. He highlighted Gandhi’s relevance in today’s world, especially in the context of global peace and environmental concerns.

Yuan Xikun, on the other hand, shed light on the Jintai Art Museum’s longstanding association with the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations. He expressed his gratitude and emphasized the significance of such cross-cultural interactions.

The occasion of Gandhi Jayanti saw a diverse crowd at the Jintai Art Museum. Apart from the embassy staff, the expatriate community, youth from both India and China, and many curious locals paid their respects by laying flowers and reciting some of Gandhi’s timeless poems.

The sculpture of Gandhi, standing proudly at the museum, serves not only as a reminder of his ideals but also as a beacon of the deep-rooted friendship and understanding between the people of India and China. This event reiterated the bond shared by these two great nations and the shared respect for a leader whose teachings continue to inspire generations globally.


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