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Ageless Chic: Gym Tan’s Journey From Fashion Exec to Social Media Sensation

LifestyleFashionAgeless Chic: Gym Tan's Journey From Fashion Exec to Social Media Sensation

In the vibrant world of social media, Gym Tan stands out, not merely due to her age but the aura she exudes. The 63-year-old Singapore-born influencer, now based in California, is breaking age-related stereotypes with her sense of style and an infectious youthful spirit. With an Instagram and TikTok following exceeding 417,000 under the username @californiaistoocasual, she’s a testament to ageless grace.

Tan’s journey began in Singapore and led her to Hong Kong in 1989, where she built a successful career with the clothing retailer Esprit. It was in Hong Kong that love blossomed, and she met her American husband, whose identity she keeps private. Fitness was a shared passion, evident from their 5km run on their first date. A decade ago, the couple moved to California, driven by educational aspirations for their two children.

The influencer’s entry into the world of TikTok is credited to her daughter, Mya Miller. Recognizing her mother’s innate flair for fashion and an expansive wardrobe, Mya was confident of her mother’s potential appeal. She was right, as Tan’s followers on TikTok skyrocketed to 10,000 within a mere three weeks. This burgeoning popularity proved therapeutic for Tan, who experienced a fleeting mid-life crisis around the age of 55. Reflecting on her aging journey, Tan remarked, “Nothing happened when I turned 60, or when I turned 63. It’s actually not that bad.”

Beyond clothing, Tan’s wellness and fitness regime captures attention. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, her moniker ‘Gym Rat’ aptly describes her love for running. With two Macau marathons under her belt, she’s gearing up for the New York Marathon, a testament to her undying passion. Her day-to-day routine is sprinkled with over 9km of runs or walks, sit-ups during TV time, and TRX sessions. She takes a pragmatic approach to diet, enjoying a diverse palette, yet ensuring protein intake with every meal.

Contrary to trends, Tan hasn’t embraced wellness fads like red light therapy or intermittent fasting. She believes in leading a normal life, sprinkled with habits like healthy eating and stress management. Candidly, she also acknowledges the role genetics might play in her youthful appearance, stating, “I could just be very lucky.”

For Tan, the elixir of agelessness isn’t just about physical wellness; it’s also the relationships she cherishes. She and her daughter Mya share a bond that’s palpable in their content. Echoing a sentiment that resonates with many, she emphasized that her appearance is merely a reflection of a well-taken-care-of life, a testament to her belief that true beauty is indeed achievable.


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