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The Taiwanese Skincare Revolution Championing Authentic Beauty

LifestyleFashionThe Taiwanese Skincare Revolution Championing Authentic Beauty

In recent years, the beauty industry has witnessed a transformative shift toward authenticity, and nowhere is this more evident than in Nomel, the Taiwanese skincare brand that made its debut at the coveted online retailer, Sephora Hong Kong. Founded in 2019, Nomel has quickly risen to prominence with its range of vegan skincare products specifically crafted for Asian skin. Beyond cleansers, serums, and moisturisers, the brand boasts its “best-kept secret”—a uniquely crafted hybrid face oil.

Melinda Wang, the vision behind Nomel, wears many hats—from a model and influencer to a devoted entrepreneur. Married to renowned Taiwanese actor Tony Yang You-ning, Melinda’s journey from the world of fashion to skincare is intriguing. Her commitment to beauty is not just skin-deep; it revolves around genuine confidence and self-assurance.

“I’ve always believed that real confidence stems from within,” shared Melinda. “While fashion can enhance one’s outer appeal, it’s the condition of the skin that truly exudes confidence. In my days in London, I developed an affinity for oils, noting their immense popularity in Europe and America due to the drier climatic conditions. Oils had this incredible ability to impart a natural glow to the skin, and I was determined to introduce this magic to Asia, tailored to its distinct climate and skincare needs.”

At the heart of Nomel lies a principle that resonates with many: “to provide skincare that cares.” Melinda elucidates, “Our mission is to empathize with our customers, truly understanding their skin’s unique journey. It’s about embracing the fact that skin is an evolving canvas—there will be imperfections, hormonal shifts, and sensitivities. Rather than promising unattainable perfection, we champion the beauty of authenticity and transparency.”

When quizzed about the standout products from Nomel’s lineup, Melinda enthused about the Brilliant b3 Purifying Serum, especially suited for Hong Kong’s humid climate, the Simple Weightless Gel Cream with its lightweight texture, and the flagship Sincere Hybrid Boosting Oil—a revolutionary blend of 70% oil and 30% serum water. This oil, she claims, defies the misconception that all oils feel heavy or sticky.

The formulation of Nomel’s products bears a conscious awareness of Asian skin preferences. “While many Asian consumers shy away from heavily fragrant and artificial ingredients, they also desire products tailored to their regional climate. Our products, especially the hybrid oil, cater to this need by ensuring a non-sticky, lightweight, and highly absorbent texture.”

Comparing Nomel to other Taiwanese beauty brands, Melinda believes that while many have impressive formulas, they often fall short in branding and messaging. “True beauty embraces imperfections,” she says, “and it’s okay to not feel perfect all the time. Skin evolves, and so should our perception of beauty.”


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