Basketball in China: The Beginning

China is changing the word in NBA

Over the last 10 years, Beijing has slowly opened basketball to outside influences, in much the same way it has opened other strategic industries to foreign investment. The government has gradually allowed corporations like Nike, Li Ning and the NBA to play an increasingly greater role in developing the market and the basketball talent.

In January 2008, the NBA established the entity NBA China, an affiliate with local operations and management. Since then, NBA China has built its business aggressively through a broad media play, along with sponsorships, promotions, events and an arena-management venture.

This has allowed the NBA to tap into the huge potential of the Chinese market and reach a larger audience than ever before. The league has also expanded its presence in the country by setting up academies and partnerships with local organizations to grow the sport at the grassroots level.

In recent years, the number of Chinese players in the NBA has also increased, with notable names such as Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, and Zhou Qi. This has helped to further increase the popularity of the sport in China and encourage more young people to pursue basketball as a career.

However, his legacy continues to live on in China where he is remembered as one of the greatest basketball players to come out of the country. His success in the NBA paved the way for many other Chinese basketball players to pursue careers in the NBA and overseas.

The growth of the Chinese basketball market has also attracted international attention, with many foreign players and coaches signing contracts to play and work in China. The CBA league has become one of the top professional leagues in Asia and is continuing to grow and attract a global audience.

In recent years, the Chinese government has also increased its support for basketball, investing in the development of the sport at the grassroots level and supporting the development of new facilities and training programs. This has helped to create a new generation of talented basketball players and fans, and has further solidified the sport’s place in Chinese culture.

Overall, basketball has come a long way in China since it was first introduced over a century ago. With continued support from the government and the growth of the Chinese basketball market, the future of basketball in China looks bright, and it is likely to continue its legacy as one of the most beloved and widely played sports in the country.