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Cheng Cheung Hung: Hong Kong Sprinter Inspired by Asia’s Fastest Man

SportsCheng Cheung Hung: Hong Kong Sprinter Inspired by Asia's Fastest Man

Cheng Cheung Hung, an emerging sprinter hailing from Hong Kong, China, has been making waves in the athletic world with his dedication and performance. Significantly influenced by Asia’s fastest man, Su Bingtian, Cheng harbors aspirations to make his mark on the global stage in sprinting.

This inspiration was particularly fueled when Cheng had the opportunity to meet Su Bingtian. Su, renowned for breaking the Asian record and being the first Chinese to complete 100 meters in under 10 seconds, left a profound impact on Cheng. This interaction came to life four weeks ago during Su’s lecture in Hong Kong, where Cheng not only got to shake hands with his idol but also found motivation in his words.

Su’s achievements in sprinting, including his personal best of 9.83 seconds in the 100 meters event at the Olympics, placing him as the fifth fastest globally, have set a high bar for aspiring sprinters like Cheng. Su’s journey, marked by breaking boundaries and setting new records, resonates deeply with Cheng, driving him to pursue similar feats.

Cheng’s recent participation in China’s first Student (Youth) Games showcased his growing prowess. In the men’s 4×100 meters relay final of the Open category, his team, with Cheng as the captain, delivered a commendable performance, although they finished fifth. This experience highlighted areas for improvement and learning for Cheng and his team.

Balancing his athletic career with academic pursuits, Cheng is majoring in Physical Therapy at Hong Kong Metropolitan University. This academic discipline complements his athletic training, offering him insights into the human body’s structure and enhancing his understanding of sprinting dynamics. His studies enable him to analyze his physical state meticulously and adjust his training regimen accordingly, based on scientific knowledge and research.

Cheng’s vision extends beyond his personal athletic achievements. He expresses a strong desire to contribute to the development of sports in Hong Kong after his graduation. His aim is to pass on the knowledge and experience he has gained to the next generation of athletes, playing a pivotal role in nurturing future talents.

In summary, Cheng Cheung Hung stands as a beacon of dedication and ambition. His journey, inspired by the accomplishments of Su Bingtian, exemplifies the fusion of athletic excellence and academic proficiency. His aspirations to excel in sprinting and contribute to Hong Kong’s sporting landscape highlight his commitment to his sport and his community.


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