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Hainan’s Thriving Coconut Industry: From Fields to Flavors

TravelHainan's Thriving Coconut Industry: From Fields to Flavors

In the vibrant culture of China, coconuts are not only celebrated as a healthy food but are also renowned for their versatility in cooking. Delicacies like coconut chicken and coconut cookies have won over countless palates. The heart of this love affair with coconuts beats strongest in Hainan Province, responsible for a staggering 99% of China’s coconut cultivation.

Hainan, often referred to as the home of Chinese coconuts, particularly credits the city of Wenchang for producing half its coconuts. This prolific output is evident at places like the Xinguijin Coconut Garden in Baoluo town. Unlike the towering coconut trees traditionally found across Hainan, this garden boasts shorter varieties. These not only mature faster but also facilitate easier harvesting.

Fueling this success story is Wu Duojun, who supervises the garden. He recounts an uplifting tale of expanding the garden to 13 hectares since 2022, leading to a notable annual income surpassing 600,000 yuan. This promising landscape has attracted many budding farmers like Zhou Yanjun, who although a newcomer to coconut farming, is investing passionately in Hainan’s coconut potential.

Zhou’s aspirations are backed by the wisdom from experts at the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. They advocate for sustainable farming methods like interplanting cash crops such as sweet potatoes and watermelons. These crops deter weeds, while poultry like chickens and ducks naturally fertilize the land. This approach marries ecological preservation with economic progress. Experts, including the knowledgeable Wu Yi, frequently guide farmers, addressing challenges like soil nutrition and pest control.

This fusion of tradition and innovation is mirrored in Hainan’s coconut-based businesses. The Coconut Palm Group introduced a delightful coconut latte in collaboration with Luckin Coffee, selling millions in its debut week. Meanwhile, Hainan Chunguang Foodstuff Company, renowned for its coconut candy, continually innovates with over 200 coconut-derived products. Their coconut-themed tea shop in Haikou city resonates particularly with the youth.

Hainan Nanguo Foodstuff Industry Company stands as a testament to persistence and quality. Chairman Liu Hanxi emphasizes the decade-long meticulous development for each of their unique products. The establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Port has been a boon for businesses, offering them enhanced market accessibility and favorable tariff policies.

Adding to Hainan’s coconut allure are destinations like the Nanguo health industrial park in Anding county, which showcases the intersection of health and coconut products. Not too far away in Longlou town lies the “Chunguang Coconut Kingdom.” This attraction gives visitors an immersive experience of the coconut’s journey from tree to treat. Such ventures emphasize Hainan’s vision to share its rich coconut legacy with the world.

In summary, if you’re seeking an aromatic, flavorful escape, Hainan Island promises a journey drenched in coconut wonders.


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