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China’s Enovy Asserts US Human Rights Approach Doomed to Fail

UncategorizedChina's Enovy Asserts US Human Rights Approach Doomed to Fail

In a recent statement, a Chinese envoy emphasized that the United States’ practice of utilizing human rights concerns to exert influence and stifle the development of emerging nations is destined for failure. Dai Bing, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, made these assertions during the third interactive dialogue of the UN Human Rights Committee with High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dai Bing began by stressing the importance of respecting each country’s independent choice regarding their path to human rights development. He argued that such choices should be rooted in a nation’s unique national conditions. In this context, he called for a collective effort to combat the politicization and instrumentalization of human rights issues, as well as the elimination of double standards. Furthermore, Dai asserted the necessity of firmly opposing the exploitation of human rights as a pretext for interfering in the internal affairs of other nations in order to hinder their development.

Dai Bing went on to urge nations to recognize the grave consequences of unilateral coercive measures on the human rights of individuals living in developing countries. He stressed the need for concrete actions aimed at resolving this issue, highlighting the harm that such measures can inflict on vulnerable populations.

Moreover, the Chinese envoy firmly expressed his country’s opposition to what he referred to as “fabricated lies” and “malicious smears” made by the U.S. representative concerning China. He emphasized that individuals who have had the opportunity to visit China and those who approach the matter without preconceived biases are well aware of the harmonious coexistence of various ethnic groups in China’s Xinjiang region. Additionally, he noted the continued prosperity of Xizang’s economy and society and the extensive rights and freedoms enjoyed by residents of Hong Kong in accordance with the law.

Dai Bing confidently stated, “All lies about China are self-defeating in the face of facts,” underlining the importance of an evidence-based approach to evaluating the country’s actions and policies.

Furthermore, the Chinese representative drew attention to what he perceived as the United States’ selective approach to human rights concerns. He accused the U.S. of turning a blind eye to its own significant violations of human rights, such as issues related to gun violence, racial discrimination, and border refugees.

In expanding upon these remarks, it is evident that China’s perspective on human rights issues is deeply rooted in its commitment to respecting national sovereignty and addressing concerns through diplomacy rather than coercion. The Chinese envoy’s statements highlight the ongoing debate surrounding human rights at the international level and underscore the importance of open dialogue and cooperation among nations to address these complex issues.

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